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 Warming down - 10 commandments

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PostSubject: Warming down - 10 commandments   Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:49 am

Found this, it's quite uesful.

Thou shalt take the time to stretch thy body muscles for 4-5 minutes after each and every training session.

To avoid the wrath of a thousand lashes hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds.

Thou shalt do 5 minutes of very light activity after thou training, such as walking, to fully cooleth down.

Whilst thou cooleth down thou shalt maketh a mental log of thy activities so thou canst improve next time.

Thou shalt warm down until thy heartbeat hath slowed to at least 120bpm. Whilst not making yourself an idol, check thy heart rate on a nearby treadmill.

Thou shalt change thy devil worshipping training music to more relaxing hymns whilst warming down.

Thou shalt continue to drink thy holy water whilst warming down.

Thou shalt keep thy muscles clothed whilst warming down to keep them supple even if thou still burneth like Egypt's sands.

To maximise thyself, thou shalt drink a blessed protein shake whilst doing a stretching warm down.

Thou shalt never commit the sin of removing thy shoes for a post-workout stretch. Fellow gym-goers will smite thee.
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Warming down - 10 commandments
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